TOWER DEVELOPMENT: Case Management Conference

October 7, 2022

As scheduled, a Case Management Conference for the Developer/Applicant's Appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) took place on October 6.  This was the first formal event before the OLT pertaining to the 26-storey Tower Development proposed for Blair and Montreal Roads. 

The conference consisted largely of procedural discussions between lawyers for the two designated parties in the case - the City of Ottawa, with intent to defend its rejection of the development application for a 26-storey tower, and the Developer/Applicant, with intent to challenge the City’s rejection of its application.

Two applications for participant status in the hearings were also heard – one from a resident directly affected by the proposed development, and one from the RHPOA representing its local resident membership.

The Developer/Applicant’s lawyer challenged the relevance of participation status for the directly-affected resident, given that the RHPOA was representing its membership of local residents. When questioned by the Tribunal Member, the resident provided reasons for relevance. The Applicant's challenge was then dismissed by the presiding Tribunal Member. 

The Developer / Applicant’s lawyer also questioned the RHPOA's request for permission to submit an Addendum to the Tribunal, with input of a professional land use planner, 45 days prior to the Hearing.  After effective arguments presented by the RHPOA's lawyer, these challenges were also dismissed by the Tribunal Member.

Finally, lawyers for the parties agreed before the Tribunal Member that the Hearing on the case would be held virtually, would be scheduled for five (5) days, and would be held Monday 24 April – Friday 28 April 2023, beginning at 10 am on each day.

The RHPOA will continue its work on this file.  Thanks to the many residents who have donated in support of our fundraising efforts to date. We’ll be in touch with updates as they occur.



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