Rockcliffe Airbase Redevelopment

February 13, 2014

Open House: Tuesday, 18 February, 2014 | Hampton Inn, Ottawa Conference and Events Centre | 3:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Canada Lands Company (CLC) is hosting a public Open House to present its Draft Community Design Plan (CDP) for the Former Rockcliffe Airbase.

Members of CLC’s Study Team will present various aspects of the Plan at 4:00 pm and again at 7:00 pm. 

The public is invited to attend to see the current community design concepts, and tell CLC what you think of its preferred Plan before it's submitted to the City of Ottawa for approval.  We are told this will be the last public open house for the Airbase Community Design Plan process

The Plan lays out how the community will take shape, showing locations and types of various infrastructure - housing, roads, parks, employment lands, retail etc. 

It does not define extensive detail (such as all cycling and pedestrian paths or detailed green linkages). We are told that many finer details are not part of a CDP, and that these are subject to site development plans at a later stage (plans which will not necessarily be presented at public meetings). You are encouraged to attend, as the end of community consultation on this design phase is approaching. 

For those unable to attend, we have been told that the information will be put on the CLC Rockcliffe Airbase web site after the Open House.  Go to and explore the links.  The Open House material will likely be posted either under “News” or “Learn More - Resource Library”.

Recent Additions to the project Resource Library:  The Project’s most current Public Consultation Report (dated 4 Dec 2013 and released in Jan 2014) may be found here.  This report describes, among other things, the findings from the May 2013 Open House.  A very important part of this Report is the Vision and Design Principles (Appendix 5, page 72).  This is the first public review of the project's formal Design Principles. Therefore, you may want to pay most attention here.   It is these principles that will provide a framework for all detailed site plan decisions in the future.  

If you have comments, please be sure to make them public either to CLC and/or to the RHPOA community association.


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