Rezoning of 1795 Montreal Road

October 4, 2018

Ottawa City Council has approved a zoning change to 1795 Montreal Road, a vacant piece of land on the north side of Montreal Road, east of Beckenham Lane and south of Cedar Road.

Previously zoned residential R1AA (Residential First Density, Subzone AA), Council followed Planning Committee's recommendation to allow the rezoning for construction of a two-storey office building and ancillary warehouse. The Zoning By-law amendment rezoned the subject property to AM Zone (Arterial Mainstreet) to permit the office use. The warehouse, not normally permitted in an AM Zone, was permitted by exception.

A site-specific zoning amendment was sought to:

  • Permit a warehouse use ancillary to an office use
  • Establish a maximum building height of 11 metres
  • Require no minimum parking spaces for uses located within the ancillary warehouse building
  • Set a maximum floor area restriction for a warehouse use
  • Prohibit outdoor storage on the site

The RHPOA and concerned residents met with the land owner and his consultant in July 2018 regarding community concerns about his proposal.

The RHPOA expressed its primary concern about the change to the Arterial Mainstreet (AM) zone with an exception to allow the multi-purpose ancillary warehouse building, including a large open space and three loading bays. The concern was that the site might be repurposed by a future owner to another permitted use in the AM zone without requirement for further consultations or approvals. This could create unforeseen negative impacts on the adjacent residential neighbourhood.

As stated in our submission to the City, "There are a number of permitted uses in the AM Zone that would not work well along this stretch of Montreal Road, so close to an established residential area as Rothwell Heights. RHPOA wants certainty that what is now proposed and discussed, will be built and used as described".

CLICK the first link below for the City Staff Report to Planning and Council regarding the By-Law Amendment for 1795 Montreal Road.

CLICK the second link below for the Environmental Noise Assessment prepared for the property owner's architectural firm in March 2018.

The RHPOA will continue to monitor development on this site.



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