Report on Bi-Annual Meeting of NRC and RHPOA | Fall 2018

October 22, 2018

Our second meeting of the year with the National Research Council (NRC) took place on October 2, 2018 and was attended by senior NRC staff, and Jane Brammer and Maria Barrados on behalf of the RHPOA. The NRC reported on two items that arose in the previous meeting of May 19, 2018.

  • The Synthetic Fuels Facility is now operational. Commissioning exercises were completed and the first test completed. No testing is planned within the next 6 months. Total testing would not be expected to exceed 15 days a year.
  • An off-hours complaint reporting and escalation process has been put in place through Security Dispatch at M1 613-993-2428. Residents are asked to use this number only for emergencies. Non-urgent contacts should continue through

There have been no plans or discussions between the NRC and Canada Lands Corporation for the Wateridge property to use NRC-owned roads to access the development. 

NRC is committed to a proactive approach to environmental sustainability and an open and responsive approach to the handling of community concerns and complaints. They appreciate hearing from residents with their concerns. As much information and detail as possible regarding the concern helps the NRC to provide the appropriate response. Three complaints related to noise and odours were received, and one related to traffic. Each was analyzed and investigated. One of the engine tests in August was producing a lot of exhaust smells. On receipt of the complaint the test was stopped. Residents are encouraged to address their concerns directly to NRC at  and to copy Maria Barrados to allow the Association to monitor responses.

NRC reported on upcoming testing and activities on the campus. There will be continued testing of small gas turbines, some altitude and combustion testing and engine ice testing. Details will be posted on their web site. There will also be an alert system to notify when a Notice of activity is posted on the website. Work will also be continuing on infrastructure upgrades including the sewer separation project, transformer station upgrade and some new construction.

The next meeting is scheduled for May, 2019.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the RHPOA’s links with NRC, please get in touch with Maria Barrados.


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