Ontario Opposes Construction of a New Bridge at Kettle Island

June 17, 2013

Interprovincial Bridge Update: June 17, 2013

At a news conference today, the Province of Ontario formally rejected a Kettle Island Bridge.  

The announcement was made by Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Glen Murray, supported by MPPs Madeleine Meilleur and Phil McNeely.

From CBC News coverage of the event:

“All local Liberal MPPs support the decision against the location”

This was supported by the official statement released by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

This does not necessarily mean that the battle has been won, but it is a very positive step in the right direction.

Today's Media Coverage:

June 17, CTV News: Ontario government won’t back Kettle Island Bridge

June 17, Your Ottawa Region: Province kills Kettle Island bridge plan

June 17, CBC News: Ontario says no to Kettle Island interprovincial bridge


The following announcement was made in April 2013 with the release of various reports:

In preparation for the Round 3 Public Consultation, and in response to requests to have technical reports issued to the public in advance of the consultation, some new reports are now available on the study website.  All comments received from the public will be included in the consultation record and compiled as part of the Round 3 Public Consultation Report. The following reports are now available on study’s website:

  • Analysis and Evaluation Report
  • Methodology Report
  • Evaluation Process Fairness Auditor Report
  • Air Quality Report
  • Pavement Report
  • Foundations Report
  • Visual Assessment Report
  • Groundwater Recharge Area and Groundwater Discharge Area Memorandum
  • Natural Environment – Corridor 6 Addendum
  • Cost Estimate Summary Memorandum
  • Analysis of Fuel Consumption and Gas Emissions Memorandum
  • Phase 1 ESA Update Report
  • Recreation: Water Use for Boating and Sailing Technical Memorandum
  • Community Impacts Report
  • Hydrotechnical Assessment of Functional Designs for Alternative Corridors Report
  • Aeronautical Technical Memorandum
  • Economic Development Potential Study Report
  • Draft Evaluation Methodology Report
  • Final Natural Environment Report
  • Final Fisheries Report
  • Draft Transportation Report (Appendices)

A new Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) has also been added to the study’s website. 

These and other reports can be accessed under Resources at www.ncrcrossings.ca .
Email: info.crossings@genivar.com (English)

Main Website: www.ncrcrossings.ca

Write to: Roche-GENIVAR Joint Venture, 2611 Queensview Drive, Suite 300, Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2

Call us: 613-829-2800 (English) OR 1-800-463-2839 (French)


The following public annoucement was made October 12, 2012:

The Public Consultation Program for Phase 2B of the Interprovincial Crossings Environmental Assessment Study consists of four distinct Rounds of public consultation.  Round 2 received input on the evaluation factors and their weighting, functional designs, including mitigation or avoidance, measurements of the net effects in the corridors under investigation, and the importance of competing evaluation criteria.

The Round 2 Consultation Report documents the Round 2 activities and input received from the public.  Its appendices present the detailed and/or verbatim comments received that will provide input to the technical teams working on the evaluation of the alignments and corridors.

Additional information may be found on the NCR Crossings website:


If you are interested in the Inter-Provincial Bridge issue, be sure to check out the information on the internet and/or Open House(s), and submit your comments to the proponents.


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