October News Updates

October 23, 2015

Shoppers City East

According to Councillor Tierney on 22 October, the development will include a Shoppers Drug Mart, Beer Store, Darcy’s Pub, Gabriels Pizza, and Chop Steak House at the “front” or north side facing Ogilvie Road. It remains unclear whether Costco will be part of the development; the Councillor thinks it will become clear over the next few months.

If Costco is part of the development plan, the Councillor says he will use his delegated authority to require a traffic study and a public forum with the study results, before approval is given for Costco.



According to the Mayor, as a result of the redent federal election outcome he hopes to be able to have construction of Phase 2 begin as soon as Phase 1 of the LRT is complete in 2018. The Mayor is also seeking additional funding from federal and provincial sources for the airport loop and LRT extension to Trim Road as Part of Phase 2.


Downtown Truck Tunnel

The Report from a feasibility study for a truck tunnel running from Highway 417 to the inter-provincial bridge is expected in the next couple of months. Plan is to remove trucks from downtown streets by requiring them to use a toll tunnel. The Mayor implied that the funding partners (feds, province, city) have agreed in principle to fund the project.


Kiwanis Club of Rideau “Open House”

The Association has received a letter of invitation for residents of Rothwell Heights to attend an OPEN HOUSE reception by Kiwanis Club of Rideau on Thursday 29 October from 7pm – 8:30pm  at the Maplewood Retirement Residence, 340 Industrial Avenue. Until now, there has been no Kiwanis presence in this part of the City (i.e. east of the Rideau River). And yet there are many opportunities for the Club to serve in this area. As well, it may provide an opportunity for fellowship among people with common purpose. If interested, we encourage you to check out the Open House.



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