Combermere Rink – One of 244 Outdoor Rinks in Ottawa

January 18, 2011

Join in the winter fun, and come skating at our community rink in Combermere Park (on the lower level).

We have two sheets of ice -1 with boards and nets for hockey, and 1 without boards for all other skating.  Both ice sheets are built and maintained by the City. Lights are on from dusk until approximately 10pm. There’s also a field house, which offers a heated space for changing into skates and storing boots, when it is open.  The field house is open – Mon to Fri: 7 to 10 pm Sat: noon to 10 pm Sun: noon to 6 pm

During the open hours, a rink supervisor will be present to monitor activity and provide assistance where needed – for example, minor first aid, and snow removal for lesser amounts of snow.  Rink supervision (and field house open hours) is made possible by a contract between the City and another group that provides the on-site services.

When the weather is too warm or rainy for skating, the rink is closed - please stay off the ice, as it will be repaired more quickly when temperatures drop again, if the surfaces are not damaged by walkers and cars.

When the snow falls, snow will be removed by the City (if you wait for the next business day), by the rink supervisor (if the snow accumulation is relatively small), and/or by people who use the rink (if they bring shovels).  So if the snow is falling, bring a shovel to help keep the ice clear.  Or ask the rink supervisor for one of the rink shovels – there are usually several available when the field house is open.

Rink maintenance and supervision will continue until the end of February, weather permitting.  So call up your friends, lace up your skates (or broomball shoes), and come outside to play.  The community rink is a great place for children of all ages. If you have questions about the operation of Combermere Rink, or want more information, please contact your Association representative, and/or the City at Seasonal Recreation Programs, Outdoor Rink Program Telephone: 613-580-2424 x 37017 E-mail:


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